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At your workplace, are you thriving or surviving?

At your workplace, are you thriving or surviving?

What does your work schedule look like? Is it packed or relaxed? How often do you happen to work overtime? If your working hours are intense and you are dealing with multiple tasks, is it the kind of intensity that causes you to be tired at times but also gives you the spark and desire to be efficient and achieve your goals? Or is it the kind that completely wears you down, that interferes with personal life and keeps you anxious and far from being relaxed?

Are you working towards your professional development or barely making it through the day? Are you thriving or surviving?

Surviving through the working hours is not uncommon in a world of the immediate, of the high demands, multi-tasking, interruptions, phone calls, scheduled meetings, urgent meetings etc. Actually, if you work in an office, you will probably know that it is one of the worst places to find concentration.  The question is, can we do anything to mitigate these effects of stressful events that keep us from working or interrupt our workflow and productivity course? It is possible to be mindful and focus through making conscious choices and practicing exercises.

The Handbooks for Employers and Employees that the EUNOIA project partners are particularly digging into similar issues. Here is a little appetizer exercise to stay conscious and present[1] when you are experiencing a stressful moment at work:

  • Whatever you are doing, pause
  • Take a deep breath
  • Observe what is happening in you, be it good or bad. Just observe, don’t analyse the how’s and why’s.
  • Continue with whatever you were doing.

This popular and easy-to-do exercise will bring you right into the present, back into focus and productivity and improve your mental health.

We are very eager to share all the resources we are working on.

Stay tuned!


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