What is First Aid for Mental Health/ Why implement First Aid for Mental Health ?

Work-related psychosocial risk and stress is preventable and manageable. Taking an integrated approach — based on the principles of the OSH Framework Directive and Mental Health First Aid , and promoting a prevention culture involving both employers and workers are key to tackling the issue.

  • Workplace risk assessment: this is fundamental for successful prevention and should involve preparation, assessment and the implementation of preventive and protective measures. The risk assessment process should be regularly reviewed and updated.
  • A combination of preventive measures to eliminate/control risks: this should be the top priority for any workplace. As psychosocial risk and stress is caused by multiple factors, a combined approach is best, for instance involving actions targeting the workplace, work organisation, psychosocial factors (e.g. giving workers control over work pace) and workers (e.g. providing training).
  • Encourage worker participation: workers should be involved in identifying psychosocial risk and stress and preventive solutions to help companies develop comprehensive policies on psychosocial risk and stress management.
  • Early Intervention: provide Mental Health First Aid training to help your staff recognise the signs and symptoms of common mental health issues, Provide help on a first aid basis, Effectively guide others in the right direction towards appropriate supports


Through the Eunoia project, we have created a database of practical tools, guidance materials and good practice examples to help encourage worker participation and support workplaces in the management of work-related psychosocial risk and stress. Other useful campaign materials and publications are available in the Tools and publications section

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