The Eunoia Partners

Mullingar Employment Action Group (MEAG) is a community supported ‘not for profit’ organisation which was formed in 1986 to help tackle unemployment in the Region. Since its inception the Action Group has actively supported the creation of over 3,000 jobs through various interests, projects and initiatives.

The continuing Aims and Objectives of Mullingar Employment Action Group are:

  •  To support the establishment and development of enterprises which provide viable employment
  •  To manage enterprise incubation space and support entrepreneurship and small and medium enterprise
  • To create a central community image aimed at the promotion of Mullingar as a Town of enterprise and initiative
  • To engage with organisations and individuals locally, nationally and internationally, to ensure that MEAG deliver services and supports according to established best practice.

Good to talk (Ireland) is a Not for Profit (Registered Charity)
which provides low/no cost counselling and therapy to the community through a
team of accredited professional therapists and the support of over 500
volunteers. We provide a professional Counselling and Psychotherapy service
that is accessible to all members of the community where client needs and
differences are respected.


Our Mission in Good2Talk is to support people in the local community in maintaining positive mental health. Good2Talk seeks to pro-actively work towards resolving issues that cause a decline in the mental well-being of people within our community through support and education programs.



Axia (Greece) is a private educational organization licensed by the Greek Ministry of Education and accredited by the National Organization for the certification of Qualifications and Vocational Guidance (E.O.P.P.E.P.). It was established in 1960 in Piraeus providing for more than 5 decades formal secondary education to adult students. Nowadays the organization operates under the brand name AXIA integrating the following institutional activities.

A Lifelong Learning Centre (level 2) “KEK AXIA” which is classified to the CVET educational system providing a wide range of certified training programs for employees, unemployed, self-employed and businesses.


A Vocational Training Institute “IEK AXIA” which is classified to the IVET educational system offering integrated 2 year programs in various fields. The study programs include 4 semesters of vocational training and theory classes and one semester of apprenticeship.

A Training Support Centre which conducts certified training programs in ICT skills targeted for school teachers of all levels and specialties. 


DRAMBLYS (Spain) is an international non-profit socio-cultural organization of independent professionals committed to positive social change and responsible leadership. They combine sociological imagination & inquiry with social creativity and design to approach, explore, and innovate solutions to emerging social problems. The main programmes and areas of expertise include programme design and evaluation, diversity management, data visualisation and social design.


Agency for Territorial Marketing (Slovenia) was established in 2002 with the aim to encourage sustainable development on the following fields:

  •  creative potentials of the region in urban and rural areas
  •  culture and cultural heritage
  •  tourism
  •  training and other social infrastructure
  •  international cooperation and internationalisation of SMEs
  •  environment / sustainable construction / energy

Since its establishment, 18 years ago, the company became an important regional player on the field of development and marketing activities in the eastern cohesion region of Slovenia. It was involved in elaboration of sustainable development plans, encouraging of inward investment and awareness raising campaigns for touristic areas.

Within numerous international development projects, the company has cooperated with other competent regional players like Maribor development agency, Enterprise Europe Network, Regional Economic Chambers and Craft Chambers, Technology parks as well as other regional experts


Karabağlar District Governorship (Turkey) is the top local authority in Karabağlar District of İzmir Province. It is the largest district in the third biggest city of Turkey. The Directorates of Education, Health, Sports and Youth, Population and Citizenship Affairs are institutions under the District Governorship.

So, education, inclusion, health, fighting against all type of addiction, dealing with the traumas due to the high migration rate, unemployment, social services, health are all in the scope of Karabağlar District Governorship’s work. Besides, Karabağlar District Governorship is responsible for the chambers of certain work of fields. As the local authority Karabağlar District Governorship is aware of the responsibility to create suitable and environments both for employees and employers.

Inn training (UK) is a SME based in Norfolk, but delivers training across the East of England region, and within the M25 primarily, but does travel and train nationally.


We also deliver bespoke courses for individual business needs as required, as part of our consultancy services. In the last year, the partners of Inn-Training have also become end point assessors for various awarding organisations to assess Hospitality, Team Leading, Customer Service, Retail and Business Administration.


As an organisation within the rural economy, Inn-Training have worked with numerous local initiatives such as EEDA (East of England Development Agency) , Skills Funding Agency (SFA, formerly known as Learning Skills Council) and Landskills East, delivering to micro businesses.  

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