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It is essential that everyone works together to prevent psychosocial risk and stress in the workplace. Collaboration between employers, managers and workers creates a common understanding of the issue and leads to lasting improvements.

Employers have a legal responsibility to ensure that workplace risks are properly assessed and controlled, and must acknowledge the need to take the lead on a preventive approach to tackling psychosocial risk and stress. Effective risk assessment and prevention require employers to keep themselves and their workers well informed and trained.

It is important to encourage workers to talk openly and as early as possible about psychosocial risk and stress. If workers feel comfortable discussing their mental health, they are more likely to look after themselves and seek early support and treatment, or to recognise the warning signs in others and start a conversation that could lead to early intervention.

This campaign is not only about increasing awareness of work-related psychosocial risk and stress and their negative impact on individuals, businesses and society, but also aims to promote working together to ensure that effective preventive measures are taken to tackle psychosocial risk and stress.

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